Friday, October 22, 2010

The "NEW" Fat Lady Engine

Where Our Story Begins.

As I stated in my blog profile, my dad was at a train show a in Long Beach, California a number of years back where he ran across a man selling Circus Trains. This man was John Brunner, a former clown with the Barnum and Bailey Circus and a Circus Train collector. My dad had a soft spot for circus trains at the time and decided to all he had. After looking at the entire collection my dad purchased I thought it had to be a full set of McCoy Circus trains but after doing more research, I have found many others out there. Still, an impressive collection of McCoy trains is sitting in perfect showroom/original boxed condition. Other blogs about McCoy trains have been developed and show much more than I can but this first blog gets us up and running to show the Circus Collection of Roy Ceasar. Enjoy

The Flying Yankee - 24th National Convention Caboose

Circus Caboose

Circus Flat Bed Rolling Stock

Circus Rolling Stock #2

Baggage and Post Office Car

7+11 Circus Band Wagon

Advance Advertising Car

Original Tent Wagon Car

Animal Cage Circus Car

Spirit of 76 Flat Bed with Archer Ticket Wagons

Circus Rolling Stock

Maggie the Hippo Circus Car

81 San Diego Circus Car - with Reptile Wagons

One of a Kind, Unfinished Tent Wagon

Tiny and Boo Animal Car

TCA Water Wagon Car

Circus Eagle Band Wagon

Sultan Camel Car